Good nutrition, for starters.

Get tips that help you choose nutrient-dense foods. Email, text or both, for $3 a month.

Hi, I'm Alice. I try to make useful stuff and this is my weekend project. I believe we lack good tools to learn about foods nutrition, even if we stick with dieting or meal plans.

Starting mid-November, I am sending out reminders to include certain nutrients in your meals. With each reminder, you'll get a list of top recommended foods, rich in a particular nutrient — for example, Calcium or Folate.

CalciumIronVitamin AFolatePotassiumZincVitamin DProteinand more!

I had a few reminders set for myself and they'd been very helpful. The thing I still had to do was to google the foods that had the most of a certain nutrient. I hope to take care of this now and make it really easy to have nutirent-rich meals.

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Need to exclude some foods? No problem, reply to the text or email me anytime. I know very well -- a lot of foods are only available in certain regions.

Message me about allergies and personal preferences. I'll try my best to make the lists useful for you.

examples for vegan and omnivore diet