Alice: Hi, here's where I keep my notes. They cover a few different things as nutrition, sleep, usability and popular science. I also write about means to stay active, like how to start running. Each note you may find below will take you to a blog entry.

Choose an easy route for your first run. Plan your route around neighborhood streets you're already familiar with. How to start running

You don't have to buy running gear to start running. Put on something you feel comfortable in. Pick your favorite hoodie or t-shirt over everything else. How to start running

It's a good thing to gather all the items you plan to wear on the day before. Having everything set will get logistics out of your way and boost your confidence. How to start running

Low socioeconomic status (SES) affected "functions thought to engage specific brain circuits: for example, language, certain dimensions of memory, and the ability to regulate thoughts and emotions." How we are programmed to be poor

Higher levels of stress are connected to weaker memory performance. "One design quirk of the brain is that the hippocampus, a key structure for consolidating memories, happens to be loaded with stress hormone receptors." How we are programmed to be poor

"During a brain scan called functional tomography "low-SES five-year-olds showed less specialization in a key region of the cortex implicated in reading." How we are programmed to be poor

Research shows that hippocampus "is one of the unique structures of the adult brain where new neurons can be generated." How the brain is capable of growing new cells

"Omega-3 fatty acids, present in fatty fish, like salmon, will increase the production of ... new neurons." How the brain is capable of growing new cells

"The diet modulates memory and mood in the same direction as it modulates neurogenesis." How the brain is capable of growing new cells

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